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"When you have mergers and acquisitions that improve the quality of your product, the ability to grow and bring better efficiency, it's good for all." - Roger Agnelli

Buying or selling a business? Congratulations and buckle up, not as easy as buying a new car.

Aside from the obvious question, does it make financial sense, there are a multitude of factors that make a good acquisition or sale. Keeping or merging staff? How will they work with each other? Merging product lines and inventories, how does that work with current software? Assuming debt or taking a note for the sale, careful there too.

Our team has been there, done that on a daily basis and will save time, money and unnecessary headaches.

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Starting with initial concepts, strategic planning, implementing business systems and daily operating procedures, and developing marketing and sales tools, we have experience in every facet of small business to help you succeed.


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