"When you start with what’s at stake for the buyer, you earn the right to their attention." - Jake Sorofman

Got the greatest thing ever, who cares if no one knows about it? Start up or make over, marketing is the lifeblood of every business?

Part science, part art, through in some sorcery and voodoo and you have marketing.

Made even more complicated today by the multiple social media channels and digital marketing opportunities, how does a business owner manage it all? Very methodically is how we do it, always with results as the number one determining factor.

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  • Brand ID

    How is your company presented to the world? Is it consistent across all channels? Logo easily recognized?

    As it’s been said, first impression is a lasting impression. Logo, business cards, website, app, signage; all must say “professional” when new prospects are evaluating your business and it all starts with great design. Couldn’t draw a stick figure? That’s ok, we’ll make sure you look good.

  • Marketing Plans

    Who’s the ideal customer? Shotgun approach or laser focused? Building a brand or driving leads?

    If you don’t have a plan, plan to fail. Tens of thousands of dollars are wasted every year by businesses experimenting with marketing producing little if no results. Our comprehensive planning and testing makes sure every dollar counts and just as important, is done consistently.

  • Web/App Design

    If your website is not responsive, search engines will penalize it. Can an app help your customers do business with your more easily?

    Great websites and apps should not only tell your story in a very easy to understand way, it should drive leads, allow customers and prospects to easily connect through their favorite channel and be aesthetically pleasing. Simple brochure site or complex database driven e-commerce, our team will create a solid asset for your business.

  • Social Media

    Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. How do you manage all the social media channels?

    The great news, immediate communication and feedback from customers and markets. Bad news, it could be a full time job and for some companies it is. It’s imperative to stay connected but if you can’t afford full time management, what options are there?

  • Behavioral Marketing

    Why do they have the irresistible urge to click that button? Why do people buy what they do?

    The big boys have used behavioral marketing (psychology) almost since marketing was invented. Now you can too. We apply those same principles to every marketing piece we develop. Great design is a given, driving business is a must.


Starting with initial concepts, strategic planning, implementing business systems and daily operating procedures, and developing marketing and sales tools, we have experience in every facet of small business to help you succeed.


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