With years of experience specializing in custom home construction and high end remodeling, this client came to HGM looking for help setting up a new construction company that focused on delivering the best product and customer experience possible. Starting with a blank sheet, HGM took the lead on securing a contractor’s license, creating a new corporation, developing the corporate identity, evaluating and implementing construction specific software management program, developing policies and procedures, developing financial forecasts and financial controls, hiring key staff and implementing HR procedures.

The goal was to create a company that efficiently and profitably managed millions of dollars of construction projects every year. Kastlemark now does multiple millions of dollars of projects and is developing the reputation for the highest quality work down in a timely, client friendly environment.

Powerhouse Notes

A passion for real estate investing led to the development of this company that buys and sells mortgages and acquires REO’s for rehab and rentals. HGM worked with the principal to develop all the acquisition, workout and disposition procedures necessary to smoothly move assets through the profit pipeline. Once the systems were in place, HGM then developed proprietary software solutions to handle investor portfolio management and tracking as well as software to manage the complete analysis, purchase, profit development and disposition work flow.

The company can now analyze thousands of potential assets for sale in a matter of hours instead of the days or weeks its competitors need. Once assets have been acquired, the software allows a very small staff to easily manage large numbers of assets to profitable conclusions.

Benton Enterprises & Adaptable Technology Systems

Benton Enterprises, an almond farming and processing company that has developed the retail brand Heart Ridge Farms, had an opportunity to secure a large investment which would allow them to continue their rapid growth and expansion plans. In order to properly present the company, HGM was given the important task of analyzing their previous years financials and organizing the information into commonly acceptable business formats. HGM worked with Benton’s president, Bill Pittman, their current accountant and in house bookkeeping staff to gather necessary information and interpret, organize and present it to the investment group. HGM’s work was instrumental in securing a $5 million investment for Benton with access to more capital if needed.

Adaptable Technology Systems(ATS) is a proprietary nut pasteurization system developed by Benton Enterprises principal Bill Pittman. Completely organic, the ATS pasteurization system had been in operation at the Benton facility for a number of years when Mr. Pittman contacted HGM to help with the capital raise to be able to further develop the technology and take it to market. HGM developed financial projections, investor presentations and worked with the ATS attorney and Mr. Pittman to refine the PPM. HGM also oversaw a market research program with the Lyles Center at Fresno State. Part of the funding received from the Benton investment will be targeted use with ATS and the development of the technology and market opportunity.


A very unique concept, the principal came to HGM with a simple idea, create a worldwide lottery pool using an online website and phone app. HGM became involved in every aspect of this project. Starting with the initial concept, our team researched the market and developed the overall concept, developed brand identification, designed the front and back end software, managed the software development team, developed website and apps, created financial models and cash flow projections, developed an investor presentation and raised capital, created and implemented the marketing plan, and developed and implemented daily operational procedures.

Launching live October 1st, 2014, LottoLishus is growing at a rate of 10% per month and has subscribers in more than twenty countries around the world.

Fresno Futsal Academy

Jaime Ramirez, head coach at Fresno Pacific University, came to HGM with the task of growing his Futsal Academy. Our team developed the brand identity for the academy, analyzed the local market place and implemented a number of new marketing channels, and developed a new website with ecommerce capabilities that allowed customers to track their past and future attendance while giving clear reporting capability to the business owner and managers. We also worked with the principals and key employees to brainstorm on new ideas to improve the academy to make it a better experience for the attendees and parents.

Academy attendance doubled immediately from previous sessions and continues to grow.

Sierra Athletic Club

The owner called HGM and said I need your help with my club. HGM sprang into action with a top to bottom turn around job. Starting with the staff, our team dug into every nook and cranny exposing issues and opportunities with every facet of the business including maintenance, operations, branding, marketing, staffing, capital improvement projects, planning, management and personnel.

We then created a strategic plan with the help of staff and management to address current issues, create a clear cut set of policies and procedures, and take advantage of newly discovered opportunities. The results of the plan created a focused cohesive staff with clearly defined objectives to achieve in their areas of responsibility. Uniform brand identity was created which included logo, website, and collateral material. Capital projects improvement projects were identified and completed like turning an old basketball court to a functional training area and incorporating a Subway franchise within the club.

Riverpark & University Executive Suites

During the great recession, commercial vacancy rates hit an all-time high. The owners of two large, vacant office buildings turned to HGM for help. Our team developed and implemented a plan to turn these large vacant spaces in executive suites.

Within six months, the initial office complex was completely rented and within eighteen months 95% of the 20,000 plus square feet was rented.

Wealth Group Institute

The owner of this start-up business came to HGM with his knowledge of the real estate note business and his desire to create and market an investment product based on these notes. Our team started by analyzing the proposed marketing method and instead offered a completely different solution that was adopted. We then worked with the owner to develop and refine the presentation that would be used in investor presentations. Finally we developed and implemented the internal systems and controls to manage the entire operation.

Soccer Express

This retail soccer store had successfully been in business for fifteen years and was looking for help in a couple of areas; branding and technology. HGM worked with the owner to develop a new logo and business card designs. A combination of the branding and technology was the development of an ecommerce website with inventory management. Finally, HGM analyzed POS systems to allow the business to move from paper tracking to a fully automated ordering, inventory control, and sales system.


This fairly new retail show store needed to build brand awareness in its community. HGM developed and managed an on-going display advertising campaign in the local papers. Part of the campaign included developing and marketing specials sales. In addition, HGM developed a new website for the business and worked with the owner on a charitable program for local low income children to receive a free pair of shoes before the start of the new school year.


Starting with initial concepts, strategic planning, implementing business systems and daily operating procedures, and developing marketing and sales tools, we have experience in every facet of small business to help you succeed.


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