"Entrepreneurship is that narrow space between despair and ecstasy". - Myles Leighton

Congratulations, you have the best idea since the light bulb!

You're ready to set the world on fire but wait a minute, ideas are a dime a dozen. And an idea is not a business. In fact it's only about 5% of a good business idea.

As entrepreneurs for more than 25 years, we have started successful, and just as important, unsuccessful businesses. Armed with our knowledge, creativity, and resources, we can help guide you through the start-up land mines that blow up many promising ventures.

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  • Feasibility

    You’ve thought of a way to do something better, faster, easier…Nothing is more exciting than a new idea and its possibilities.

    Before you empty the savings account, or worse, your friends and relatives, try HGM’s Idea Lab. We offer a one hour, free of charge, brainstorming session with our team. We’ll give you an unbiased, and most important, un-emotional review of your idea. You’ll leave with suggestions of things to think about and consider before you go break the piggy bank.

  • Legal

    Do you have partners? What type of entity should you use? Where should you set it up?

    Every business is unique and different. And if you don't get it set up properly, it could cost thousands of dollars later on. With our legal team, we'll help you weigh the options so you can make the best decision for your new business.

  • Financial

    Cash is the lifeblood of every start-up. How do you get? How do you project it? How do you manage it?

    Sources of start-up capital, creating proforma’s, instituting solid accounting procedures in your venture. These some of the most critical components you’ll ever face. We’ve got years of financial management experience with small start-ups to large multi-million dollar corporations and can help you understand and manage your businesses finances.

  • Transitions

    Ready to move out of the garage to an office? Need to expand staff and space to handle growth?

    All good problems to have but need well thought out solutions. We can help you map out the best strategy for today and plan for future growth needs in the years to come.


Starting with initial concepts, strategic planning, implementing business systems and daily operating procedures, and developing marketing and sales tools, we have experience in every facet of small business to help you succeed.


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